Small Businesses and Non-profit Organizations

Did you know that one in five people in the United States has a disability? As the population ages, disability becomes more and more prevalent. This means that serving customers with disabilities is not just the law, it is also good business sense. Disabled customers need your products, and they’re willing to pay for exceptional service. Wouldn’t you like to beat your competition and tap a vital new source of revenue, by delighting this often overlooked demographic?

5 people sitting around a conference table, one obviously in a wheelchair

DisabilitySavvy Consulting is ready to help you succeed, with advice on:

  • Employment practices such as interviewing, posting jobs, promotion, accommodations.
  • Parking lot requirements including ratios of marked accessible spaces, measurements and layout, signage, lighting, and security.
  • Physical plant requirements including entrances, paths of travel, restrooms, elevators, counter height.
  • Safety considerations including fire and evacuation, safe refuge, and emergency assembly.
  • Customer service, such as ADA requirements for serving and accommodating disabled customers.
  • Rules and best practices for credit card terminals, interpreters, telephone service, brochures, communications, websites.
  • Funding sources for access: loans, grants, tax credits.
  • Rules regarding service animals.
  • Advice on private organizations and their responsibilities under the ADA.
  • Best practices in providing transportation to disabled customers.
  • Marketing and communications advice for reaching and selling to disabled customers.
  • Product considerations in serving the disability market.
  • Disability awareness training, sensitivity training, customer service training.
  • Expert witness services.
  • Including disability advocates on non-profit boards of directors.

Handicapped parking signs

The law is clear. You must accommodate and serve people with disabilities, as customers and employees. But this is actually good news. The disabled population has money, skills, and a burning desire to be included. And accommodating disabled customers invites their families and friends to be your customers as well. Let DisabilitySavvy Consulting help you profit by reaching out to the disabled community and including this skilled, lucrative population in your plans.

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