City, County, State, and other Government Entities

As a city, town, state, or other government agency, you have both a legal and civic responsibility to your disabled citizens. Do you understand how to comply with the law? Do you have the on-staff expertise and understanding to remove barriers to citizen participation? Do you need help in making your government entity truly friendly and valuable to all of your constituents, including those who are disabled?

a tradiopma; government building labeled city hall

While not a lawyer, DisabilitySavvy Consulting can advise you on the practical legal requirements for complying with the ADA and other disability access laws. But meeting the letter of the law is just the start in creating an accessible municipality or agency. I can advise you on making cost-effective, smart choices that empower disabled constituents to fully participate.

I am expert in:

  • Creating and updating municipal self-evaluation and transition plans in accordance with Title II of the ADA – the core planning documents for ADA compliance.
  • Reviewing blueprints, parking plans, public access structures, facilities, and infrastructure for disability access.
  • Managing and responding to citizen complaints on accessibility.
  • Mediating between government and business.
  • Evaluating and recommending accessibility changes to polling sites, playgrounds, libraries, and historical buildings, and for both indoor and outdoor events.
  • Recommending reasonable employment accommodations.
  • Acting as a liaison between citizens and government.
  • Consulting on low-cost, effective government service delivery to disabled citizens.
  • Evaluating and advising on zoning variances for disability access.
  • Delivering practical disability awareness, TTY and braille embosser training.
  • Planning for emergency preparedness.
  • Assessing public and cable TV access.
  • Reviewing government documents, websites, forms for effective communications to disabled citizens.

wheelchairAs the ADA coordinator for the City of Dearborn, Michigan over the past 9 years, I have learned the practical ins and outs of making a municipality a welcoming place for its disabled citizens. I was instrumental in helping Dearborn win the Outstanding Achievement, City Livability Award in 2004 and the Inclusive Cities Award in 2006. It is great to win awards and for the disabled members of your community to sing your praises. But the most important reason to hire DisabilitySavvy Consulting is to save money. It is far less expensive to change blueprints than poured concrete, and ADA compliance lawsuits are both embarrassing and expensive. A little preventative effort now can save your entity a lot of money down the line.

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