Sensitivity Training

DisabilitySavvy offers a range of sensitivity training options that can meet the needs of any size organization or business. You may need just a brief presentation to staff and/or volunteers, with an overview of disability etiquette and best practices. Alternatively, Susan can deliver a thorough, thought provoking training experience with role plays, participatory activities, work sheets, and personal stories intended to engage your staff and volunteers in rethinking their preconceived notions of disability and access, and understanding this audience and their needs.

a Group of people at a sensitivity raining

DisabilitySavvy will provide a recommendation on how best to achieve your objectives, and will customize the training to your organization’s specific needs. The fee for this training is $75/hour for time spent customizing and delivering the sessions, and can be flexibly structured to work for your organization or business. For example, your training could be a one-hour staff and volunteer meeting, a ½ day staff and volunteer training session, or repeating full day sessions, depending on your needs. In order to insure participation and training effectiveness, sessions that include interactive components are limited to no more than 15 participants. If necessary, additional sessions can be scheduled to accommodate more trainees.

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