Project Consulting

Are you a small business with a product or service well-suited to the needs of disabled customers, but unclear on how to market to this community?

Are you a government agency or municipality with legal and civic responsibilities to meet the needs of disabled citizens, but you don’t know what the law requires, what has worked for other agencies and government entities in similar situations, or what your own citizens would find most valuable?

Are you a cultural arts organization with a mission to reach all of the public, but need help in tailoring your programs to the needs of disabled patrons?

Disability wheelchair icon against blue stairs with a puzzle edge

DisabilitySavvy Consulting can help you solve these and other challenging problems. Susan Fitzmaurice’s decades-long experience in advocating for and working with the disabled gives her deep technical knowledge, understanding, and practical tools to develop and implement cutting-edge programs and services for the disabled community. DisabilitySavvy’s unique solutions can make your business or organization stand apart from the crowd and attract the lucrative and growing disability market to you.

Learn more – Contact DisabilitySavvy today, and in your note, provide Susan with some details on the kind of project you’re working on, and how DisabilitySavvy can help!