Programs and Services

This assessment will review the accessibility of your current and planned products and services, retail or dining experience, events and programs, including performances, tours, classes, and exhibits for compliance with ADA Titles II or III. It also examines your marketing, including printed and embossed materials, recorded telephone messages, and your website, online, and mobile presence. DisabilitySavvy will review the accommodations you provide to people with disabilities, and how effective your organization is in making disabled customers and patrons aware of these accommodations. Susan will assess your staff and volunteer interactions with disabled patrons and customers for ADA compliance, and evaluate how welcoming you are to this population.  Susan will also examine how inclusive you are in your portrayal of disability in marketing materials, and as the topic of programming.

Most of this assessment can be completed off-site, but DisabilitySavvy will require some on-site work and access to your facilities.

The final report includes:

·      A detailed list of ADA non-compliant items.

·      Recommendations on how to become compliant with the ADA, including resources that you can use on your own, as well as resources available through DisabilitySavvy Consulting.

·      Suggestions on making your programs more welcoming, even if not required by the ADA.

Often, DisabilitySavvy will recommend a disability sensitivity training for your volunteers, staff and management to directly address issues that are highlighted in the assessment. This sensitivity training is available at additional cost. In addition,  DisabilitySavvy offers consultation with your website designer and technical staff to discuss compliance issues, or your marketing staff to discuss ways of broadening your audience through accessible marketing. These consultations also are available at additional cost.

This assessment typically takes about 8 hours and is billed at $75/hour, but your fee may vary, and will be for the actual time spent.

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