Physical Plant

This assessment requires a scheduled visit to your facility, and can take place after hours or when you are not open to the public. It is a detailed evaluation of your physical facilities’ compliance with ADA Titles II or III. Depending on the size of your facilities, it may require more than one visit.  DisabilitySavvy will perform specific measurements required to fully assess ADA compliance. The evaluation will include both areas that are open to the public, as well as offices, retail and restaurant areas, work areas, off-site areas, back stage and on-stage areas, and any other areas that are a part of your facility, and for which you are legally required to be ADA compliant.

The final report includes:

·      A detailed list of ADA non-compliant items.

·      Cost effective recommendations for becoming compliant with the ADA, or for providing a more welcoming environment to your disabled patrons, customers and staff.

·      A recommended action plan to address non-compliant issues in order of priority.

This assessment typically takes 4-8 hours on-site, and requires 2 people to complete, as well as additional time for reporting. This service is billed at $100/hour for Susan and her assistant on-site, and at $75/hour for additional required report preparation time, but your fee may vary, and will be for the actual time spent.

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