Customer Experience

As part of this service, DisabilitySavvy will visit your facility without advance notice, to more closely model a typical visitor’s experience.  Susan will explore all areas open to the public. She will assess (as appropriate) parking, travel from parking into the building, ticket purchasing, informational brochures and programs, signage, restrooms, gift shops and other retail areas, food services and concessions, display areas, customer-available facilities and services, entertainment, restaurant, and lobby seating areas, and interactions with staff.

Your final report for this service will include:

·      A narrative of Susan’s experience with disability access on her visit.

·      A list of ADA compliance issues and recommended resolutions.

·      A list of additional changes to better welcome people with disabilities.

·      Recommendations on follow-up assessments and training.

The fee for this service:

·      Small arts facility, restaurant, retail or service business.

(Visitors’ full experience takes under 3 hours, customer-accessible spaces include a small number of rooms, )   $250.00

·      Medium facility.

(Visitors’ full experience takes 3 to 6 hours) $450.00

·      Large facility.

(Visitors typically make repeated visits for a full experience)  $600.00

automatic door openerThese fees do not include  expenses incurred to fully experience what you offer, which might include parking fees, entry or ticket fees, cost of a meal, or small retail or food purchases.  DisabilitySavvy can provide an optional walk-through with you and your staff after delivering the final report, to review findings. This walk-through is available for an hourly fee of $75.00.

Learn more – Contact DisabilitySavvy today, and in your note, ask about the Customer Experience Assessment!