ADA Assessments

As our society ages, people with disabilities are a growing segment of the community as customers, patrons, employees, citizens, and as family. Disability is part of the human condition and just as normal as black and white, male and female, old and young. This understanding is the basis for the ADA – a law that codifies this view of disability as just another aspect of being human. Yet, many people with disabilities who want to shop, eat out at restaurants, attend cultural events, and contribute to society as citizens and valuable employees cannot, because of access issues.

DisabilitySavvy Consulting is uniquely qualified to offer you many tools to help you engage with this vital community, and achieve greater ADA compliance. Our services range from an overall assessment based on a brief run-through of your facility to in depth specialized assessments of your physical plant, employment guidelines, marketing materials, and program offerings.

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DisabilitySavvy’s assessment includes much more than just a report on your legal compliance. Susan will also advise you on how best to provide a welcoming environment to people with differing disabilities, customized to your business or organization’s mission and needs. Meeting the letter of the law does not insure that your programs and services are accessible and user-friendly. DisabilitySavvy can help you prioritize cost-effective, small actions that attract people with disabilities to your facilities and programs, and dramatically improve their experience.  She can help you strategize long term plans to make people with disabilities an integral part of your customer base or audience.

a sqaure image divided in quarters . 1. Wheelchair symbol 2. Ear with a hearing aid 3. 1 hand sign 4. a person walking with cane Letters surrounding it spell American's with Disabilities ActWhile these services cannot guarantee that you won’t have any compliance issues, they can help you welcome people with disabilities with a good faith effort to comply with ADA regulations. Often, even when you fail to fully comply with the ADA, demonstrating that you care goes a long way toward satisfying complaints and avoiding any legal entanglements.

DisabilitySavvy Consulting offers a complete line of packaged ADA assessments that evaluate every aspect of your business or organization, identify issues, and recommend proven techniques for accommodating people with disabilities, including:

Check out the individual assesssment options, or Contact DisabilitySavvy today, and let Susan recommend a set of assessments that together can give you a complete perspective on your ADA compliance, and recommend cost-effective ways to improve accessibility.