Susan and Teddy Fitzmaurice near FDR statueDisability is a challenging topic for audiences, but Susan Fitzmaurice has been talking to varied audiences about disability for many years. Susan knows how to put audiences at ease with personal stories from her own experience as well as those of people with disabilities, bringing understanding and appreciation for the complexities of living with a disability in today’s modern world.

Susan’s deep technical knowledge and nuanced approach toward disability comes from a lifetime of advocacy and work with this population, coupled with advanced educational degrees, and continuing connection to the most recent research in the field. Susan can speak on a broad range of topics, including:

  • The practicalities of the ADA and compliance.
  • The experience of disability brought to life with vivid examples.
  • How to market products and services to people with disabilities.
  • The role of advocacy in improving the lives of people with disabilities.
  • Best practices in cost-effective accommodations.

This is just a sampling – Susan can create a custom presentation that meets your precise needs, educating and entertaining your audience, and bringing them a new appreciation and understanding of the hows and whys of engaging with the disabled community.

Learn more – Contact DisabilitySavvy today, and in your note, describe the event, audience, and topic you’re interested in, and Susan will get back to you with some ideas for discussion!