Demolition of my condo

Monday the banging started. First the carpets came up, than the walls came down and than the unnecessary studs. It was very dusty, but not as bad as I imagined it would be. I stuck around to watch to see the innards of my condo emerge. A few surprises, but not many. Mostly just amazed at the work ethic of the three men who did the work. They were very good about answering my questions and explaining details. They kept the space safe for me to roll about in. For what could be a horrifying experience, it certainly was not.

corner of kitchen with range and microwave

the sink removed

This is what is left of my kitchen. My niece and her boyfriend pulled out the range, microwave, dishwasher, sink, refrigerator and cabinets. Mold that appearedĀ  in the ceiling turned out to be just in the soffits and had traveled any further. The subflooring looks awful, but it is not at all spongy, so it doesn’t need to be replaced. All good.


the torn down wall in my hallway looking toward the torn down wall between office and bedroom

the view from the dining room into the second bathroomA view of what used to be the second bathrom looking through the wall to the master bath

These are the walls of my hallway. The first looks into my office and through what used to be a bedroom wall. The second I am in the dining room looking through the absent wall of the second bathroom through the wall to the master bath.

My walk in closet bare of its contents and its inaccessible framing

This is the walk-n closet I could not roll-in to. The framing was removed and now I will be able to roll-in and get my clothes myself!!


wall of second bath torn down, looking ointo bathroom

It looks an absolute wreck, but I can already see more light and it is so easy to move around in. This is a view of my hallway lookingat the second bath. It will become a Jack and Jill bath with a door at each end. One door from the entrance to the condo and one fron the hallway. Turning space in the middle.

They did all this with 2 dumpsters, 3 guys, and 4 days.

3 man demo crew