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What do you give your parents when they have everything  – and that includes an iPad – Pandora!  I spent the month asking questions to try to determine my parent’s favorite singing sensations and than I programmed a radio station for them.

Words with Friends and Mothers

Who would have thought a simple game could change a relationship? My parents have gotten increasingly nagged by the fact that I check on them daily or more often. They value their independence and ability to take care of themselves. I on the other hand worry when I don’t know where they are.

ReaddleDocs for iPad

My parents were real unhappy with their iPad. It wasn’t reading the attachments sent by one of their friends.  MIME   All these jokes they want to open and can’t. Well ReaddleDocs to the rescue. 


This will be the first of many posts about the iPad. I purchased one for my parents, 87 and 89 years old. They’ve been using WebTV forever. I finally got them to graduate to this century, but it has been a very hard go. Some of it is a simple matter of not having a […]