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Save funding for NPR and PBS

NPR and PBS are at risk of being totally defunded by the government. Why should this matter to people with disabilities? Both NPR and PBS cover disability related news more than mainstream or cable stations, do investigative reporting on disability issues, and provide a venue for the voices of people with disabilities. The Ragged Edge […]

You need to bring someone with you to sign for you…

No, that won’t cut it anymore. The Justice Department entered into an agreement with H&R Block that  included that they would provide auxiliary aids when necessary for their tax preparation services, classes, and training; that they would post this policy on their website and distribute it to all their employees; establish a list of local […]

Comcast and Closed Captioning

I don’t have cable TV, but I have heard plenty of complaints from people who do and enjoy closed captioning. The reasons to watch captioning are varied. At our house we have them on for me because I can only hear the TV at full volume and for Teddy who is making some inroads to […]

ReaddleDocs for iPad

My parents were real unhappy with their iPad. It wasn’t reading the attachments sent by one of their friends.  MIME   All these jokes they want to open and can’t. Well ReaddleDocs to the rescue. 


This will be the first of many posts about the iPad. I purchased one for my parents, 87 and 89 years old. They’ve been using WebTV forever. I finally got them to graduate to this century, but it has been a very hard go. Some of it is a simple matter of not having a […]