Save funding for NPR and PBS

National Public Radio logoNPR and PBS are at risk of being totally defunded by the government. Why should this matter to people with disabilities? Both NPR and PBS cover disability related news more than mainstream or cable stations, do investigative reporting on disability issues, and provide a venue for the voices of people with disabilities.

The Ragged Edge says of NPR “National Public Radio has increased its reporting about people with disabilities, and the issues that touch our lives. All of their stories are available for free listening online, and some offer transcripts of the stories as well.”

These are two of my favorites I have bookmarked: Looking back on 20 years of Disability Rights and Beyond Affliction: The Disability History Project

PBS has a series called POV – Point of View.  It provides a place where independent filmmakers can have millions see their work that might never make it to the big screen. Many of these filmmakers have been people with disabilities or family members. I don’t always like the way people choose to depict their disability, but I glad there is a place where their voice is heard. These are some I especially appreciated:

Best Boy (one of my favorite movies of all time), How the Blind Surf the Web , Wo Ai Ni Mommy, and  If I can’t do it .

So why the plug? NPR and PBS need you.   Sign the petition to save NPR and PBS

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