Tips for Travelers with Disabilities

I am very excited that I was quoted about my experiences traveling with a disability by Paul Eisenberg via  The article is called Tips for Travelers with Disabilities. I told Paul in my email to him “If you do not know your rights as a disabled traveler, no one who is violating them is going to tell you what they are. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.”

Paul quoted some of my suggestions but not all – here’s a few others:

  • Have a wheeled backpack in a bright color boldly labeled MEDICAL EQUIPMENT and keep inside medical equipment, medications, food for low blood pressure, and anything essential for your comfort while traveling.  Include an empty disposable water bottle when flying if you are inclined to get dehydrated – fill it with drinking fountain water when past security.
  • When parking where there is a shuttle to your destination (Like Park N Ride), if the shuttles are not equipped with lifts, they must drive your vehicle and drop you off and than return your vehicle to parking. When you return from your trip, call them to come pick you up. They drive you back, you pay (regular rates), and you are on your way.
  • When you buy your ticket, book your room, book a trip….inform them of the accommodations you need. Call ahead 2 days and 1 day to confirm the accommodations will be available. If you arrive at a hotel and the requested accommodations are not available they must book you into another hotel. The value of the room must be the same or more and you pay the hotel you originally booked with – they pay the “new” hotel.
  • Keep an empty prescription bottle for each of your prescriptions aside so that when you travel you can have your prescription in an outdated bottle in your suitcase, and an up-to-date bottle in your carry-on. In your carry-on keep 3 days of prescription in case you and your suitcase get separated.  Keep a list of all your prescriptions and the doctors who prescribed them and their phone numbers in your carry-on.

Happy Traveling!

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