Words with Friends and Mothers

Who would have thought a simple game could change a relationship? My parents have gotten increasingly nagged by the fact that I check on them daily or more often. They value their independence and ability to take care of themselves. I on the other hand worry when I don’t know where they are.

Now we have Words with Friends in our life. We play a game everyday. I know know when my mom wakes up and she plays her first word of the day. I know when she is going to go out, because she calls me to tell me not to wait for a word because she is going to go to the grocery store or take a nap. At night when she calls me to tell me she won the game or that she is too tired to continue – she lets me know her schedule for the next day.

My mom knows words I don’t know and she often tells me a story about them. I do the same. Sort of inane conversations, but it is more conversation than we have had in decades. If you need a way to get closer to one of your parents – maybe you should play Words with Friends.

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