ReaddleDocs for iPad

My parents were real unhappy with their iPad. It wasn’t reading the attachments sent by one of their friends.  MIME   All these jokes they want to open and can’t. Well ReaddleDocs to the rescue.  It seemed tricky at first to me, and still is to them a bit, but it is the solution to reading the joke that’s been around the world a hundred times or more.

First you have to tell ReaddleDoc about your email account so it can retrieve your mail. And this I had to do.  Than the next time you open it, there is your mail and all its attachments read to read. Or at least most of them. There is still one about a singing cat that still can’t be opened.

So than you look through your email – set up somewhat the same way as mail or gmail, but without the ability to forward or respond. But the magical part is that the unreadable attachments  in gmail or mail now open straight up when the attachment is clicked.

It is also for my parents a much easier way to read email. That is what they usually do…read.. . and than maybe go back to it later to forward or reply. So now I am going to encourage them to read their email through ReaddleDocs and reply using Gmail.

I’ll update this when they actually use it for awhile.

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