This will be the first of many posts about the iPad. I purchased one for my parents, 87 and 89 years old. They’ve been using WebTV forever. I finally got them to graduate to this century, but it has been a very hard go.

Some of it is a simple matter of not having a clue how computers work. I wrote them a 6 page quick start guide. The first question my Dad asked was “What’s a cookie and why would I want to delete them?”

When I showed my mom how to open email, she repeatedly complained I was doing everything too fast. She has a hard time seeing the icons and even when she sees them she is not sure what action they represent.

On a high note, my Dad has been found sitting in front of the iPad at 3:15 in the morning playing Solitaire after watching a movie he just happened to click by accident. My mom has put away her cards and plays solitaire online – she has moved from 13th to 2nd high scorer among local players.

So I am now avidly looking for applications that will make it easier for them to use the iPad, and games that they can play that don’t require a great deal of eye coordination or speedy hand movements.

Check back here to follow my discoveries and see how my parents adapt to the 21st century.


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